Monday 29 September 2014


Over the years I have become crabbed!

Anyone can get me to the quick!

I loose my cool quickly so often.

A string of abuse surge in my being,

I lash out viciously, my expressions

beating a vixen hollow, in bearing her fangs!

I have read a lot about anger, hence I am aware of the

chemical reactions playing havoc to my health..

I still regale in the emotion refusing to calm my jangled nerves.

Yes… I am a weakling , not deft

to prevent the theft

of my remote control.

My remote control is lying somewhere

For someone to press a button and be empowered,

to regulate my emotions.

I like a voodoo

dance to their tune:

I get …Angry





Helplessly negative…

Much to their glee!

Wish I could recover my remote control of my emotions...

And have the guts to keep it safe and sound.

Wednesday 10 September 2014



Strands of grey

Puts my mind in a fray!

Seeds a fright in the mind!

Soon youth will be behind!

Like a grey hound,

Few strands of grey hair unsettles me.

I feel incapacitated by fear…

Fear of old age looming large.

As if face to face with the hound of Baskerville!

The horrendous  hound is old age.

Why can’t old age signs be kept at bay?

Let me  bask in the sunshine of youth and make hay,

Lest it pass away and slip into old age.

O! why the strands of old age come my way,

Only when I am living life King-size?

Can I keep even a hair of mine from turning white?

With all my might I will it to remain the same.

Unmindful of my plight the strands of grey keep multiplying

I cannot arrest them but I can colour them! Happy,

I dye my hair in different hues.

I am brown, light brown, red or burgundy head,

Competing with the fresh youth,

Who clearly see me through the ruse,

And greet me, “Hello aunty!”

Good Grief! So much for the grey anxiety!