Sunday 24 November 2013

Yoga, Meditation: Useful additions to the medical arsenal!

Browsing through the Business Standard a national daily I came upon this interesting item by Reuters.
John Denninger, a psychiatrist at the Harvard Medical School, in his research work is getting close to prove that yoga and meditation can ward off stress and disease. There are myriad stress-induced ailments...from hypertension and infertility to depression and even the ageing process.
He has used neuro-imaging and genomics technology that has helped to measure physiological changes,besides the  participant questionnaires as well as heart rate and blood pressure monitoring.
I agree with the professor. Of'course the wonder of allopathic cure is laudable...yet self cure through yoga is an option one must explore!
P.S: Babamama, today even the West is acknowledging what our age old Yogis have waxed eloquent centuries ago. Hence it's time you start doing  the Pranayams, AnulomViloms,Kapalbhatis...make use of these arsenals in your medical kit!

Friday 22 November 2013

New Words of 2013 in the Oxford English Dictionary.

 The following activities that I have often indulged in, have a name!

Selfie: A photograph taken by oneself on one's smartphone.

Showrooming: Visiting  a shop or shops to examine a product before purchasing it online.

Binge-watch: To watch multiple episodes of a Television series without a break.

Besides these a couple of interesting words are ...

Bitcom:A digital currency in which transactions can be performed without the need for a Central Bank. BIT in the computing sense and COIN.

Schmeat: A form of meat produced from biological tissue.
Synthetic meat or better still cultured meat or man-made meat!