Tuesday 28 October 2014


Stepped into a bus of my destination.

Bought a ticket

And made my way to the vacant seat

Next to a young woman by the window

Her skin taut, her beautiful locks playing with the wind

Her nail polished fingers taming them every now and then

Fascinated I watched her, not a beauty

But beauty of youth surrounded her.

Tried to strike a conversation

I asked her a question

She patiently unplugged her earphones

And impatiently answered my query

And replaced them in my face!

I got her message of MYOB (mind your own business) loud and clear!

A couple of stops later

An old woman made her way

And heaved herself down next to me

I turned my attention to her.

Must’ve been a beauty in her younger days.

Was now fidgety, slow, with criss cross lines across her face

With ear studs in the wobbly lobes of hers

Tired and delicate her bones jabbing me

Garrulously she opened her box of complaints

As if she knew me since Adam!

I stifled a yawn, willing her to stop.

Middle age was sandwiched between the young and old

I watched one of me gone in the young woman

I listened to one of me to come by.

I shuddered and was despondent

Just for a wee while!

Then a whole lot of philosophy flashed on the lines…

Now is the moment…etc

I opined to myself, yesterday and today are structured on

What I do with the present moment…

And with that thought

I merrily hummed a tune to myself…



Que serra serra…