Thursday 31 March 2011


No meaningful economic speech or  political speech about growth in the country can ignore the magic word ‘infrastructure’
Lets break the word into Infra and Structure.
Infra means below, beneath
The Structure of any economy is…
1.Primary sector
2.Secondary sector
3.Tertiary sector (infrastructure)
Infrastructure is a support or acts  like  pillars to the structure
of the economy.
Infrastructure helps in promoting production activities.
Infrastructure industries are those which help in the growth of other industries.
It helps in raising the productivity in the sectors.
It improves the quality of life of its people.
It does not directly help in promoting goods and services.
Its just a geat help!
2 Types of Infrastructure
a.Economic Infrastructure
b.Social Infrastructure.

a.Economic Infrastructure consists 
1.Energy….electricity,solar,thermal,wind nuclear
2.Transport…roads,rails.ports,airports ,water,sewerage,irrigation..
All these directly supports the economic system from inside.
It improves the quality of economic resources and thus raises the
Production in the sectors.

Social Infrastructure consists of
5. Law and order
Facilities that support the community’s need for
Social interaction.
They indirectly  supports the economic system from outside .
It improves the quality of human resources and thus improves the efficiency of manpower.
Both economic and social infrastructure are complementry to each other.
Importance of infrastructure is far reaching .
It raises productivity.
It provides employment.
It induces Foreign Direct Investment.
It raises the size of the market.
Social infrastructure raises the ability to work by enhancing their skills through education and health.
It raises economic development e.g. agriculture depends on irrigation facilities
Industrial progress depends on development of power and electricity generation …etc..
The greatest impediment  in way of growth is  UNDEVELOPED INFRASTRUCTURE!!!!!

Tuesday 29 March 2011


The people are geared up to watch the World Cup Semi Final between India and Pakistan .
It is more than a final World Cup for both the cricket crazy Nations!
The journalists are being hounded by  their friends ,relatives and  in turn their friends and relatives to seek a ticket for the event.
Board meetings are being arranged in Chandigarh and around  so that the corporate executives are there to watch the mother of all cricket battles-India Vs Pakistan
The offices have granted half day off to their employees to watch the match if not at the swanky stadium in Mohali then at least on the giant L.C.D. T.V’S.
Both the countries top leaders are showing keen interest in the match .So much so that the Pakistani top office has warned their players against match fixing!
Eateries of different levels have equipped themselves with large screens ,and have turned into small stadia of cheering and jeering crowds!
The media has hyped the event  and hiked their advertisement rates of the ads to be shown during the match.Because along with the ball to ball catching the eyeballs of the viewers will be the who’s who of both the countries!
India is almost sure of a win because the match is on home ground ,also is looking forward to Sachin’s  century !
I for one don’t understand such a mania. Sachin’s 100th century is what I shall look for  ,other than that as always with me is –‘let the best team win’!
Love for the match goes beyond all boundaries ,caste, creed etc….truly cricket match the leveler!

Sunday 27 March 2011


May God Bless you!
Grant you a Happy Long Life
Bless you with slices of everything
That’s especially nice!

Here’s a poem for you ….
                                BROTHER  O BOTHER!!!!
    The guy I grew up with
  Have such difference of opinion…
  Hate him to the depths of the sea
  Love him beyond the ozone layers
  That’s my brother!

  Drives me crazy with his needling me needlessly
  I get needled and react to the quick..
 When he’s around
All I feel like doing is literally chewing him
(Kaccha chabba ke…Grrrrrr….)
And when he is out of sight
I long for him!
That’s my brother!!

He’s the anchor of the family
Throws his weight around
O Boy!  he’s light but heavy
Weighs everyone down with his logic!
That my brother!!!

He is a bullheaded Taurean
Steady but stubborn
Sensitive with a capital S
Touche’ that’s my brother!!!!

He is tennacious,workaholic,
Refuses to suffer fools
Is always there with a helping hand
Infuses confidence in the weak!
The thought of a plane trip gives me the jitters
But of’course …
I  can go to  the moon with him twittering!
That’s my brother!!!!!

Aah! He could easily outdo Ben Johnson
With Mummy coming out second
If the matter was concerning a shot
Suddenly he’d be transformed into a superman
A phantom disrupting the nurses and doctor out of their wits!
Playing catch me if you can!
That’s my brother!!!!!

His beautiful smile hides a row of crooked sparkling teeth!
Purses his lips so that none are on exhibition
His beard hides a dimple on his chin
Mama’s pet that’s my brother!!!!!!!

Baba this ,Baba that and what not!
But when with him
He snorts,rubs his hooves on the ground 
And is ready for a bullfight!
That’s my brother

Mona he adores
Can’t bear to see her in any trouble or pain!
Messiah like ,taking her under his wing
Hiding her from the evil eye of the Doctor
The whole household looking for  her
No he will not let the doctor harm her
With his menacing instruments and pungent tablets!
That’s my brother!!!!!!

He’s got thunder like anger !
God help someone crossing his path
The booming voice of Dad
Asking him as an infant to be quiet
Had him crawling out and hiding
In absolute glowering silence!
It took a lot of cajoling and bear hugs
In dad’s arms to iron out his little frown!
Even today when he is cross
His bloodshot eyes speak it all !
Forgiveness is out of the question
For quite some time!
No one can help him
God save their skin
He cools on his own when the heat inside him subsides!
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!

Exercise is not his cup of tea!
Games he  doesn’t care for!
One Hazaribagh ball on his nose
And cricket was dropped!
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nagging puts him off ..
If much of it is administered
He does the oposite of what has been asked of him
Teaches people a lesson and in the process
Sometimes harms himself
Does it matter?
Beware no patronising!
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!

With his music
And musical instrments…
The guitar,harmonium,tabla ,bongo,drums,flute, piano…
Gazals ,geet,nazams,shabads,songs….
Fills the hearts of all
with his mellifluous musical voice
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!

He exaggerates to prove his point
And drive it home!
Mimicry his forte’
Uncontrollable laughter erupts!
And keeps us in stitches!
With his lively commentry
He turns a tear jerking ,moving ,movie story
Into a most hillarious comedy!
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!!!!

Heart rules him quite a bit!
When a rabbit was slain to be eaten
He lead the whole gang of cousins on a hunger strike!
When our pet rabbit Tony died
He wanted to stuff
and keep him for posteriety sweating away on his bike
a  good many hills in the hilly terrain!
He tried …
To get him back
The skinner never gave it to him!
That’s my brother!

He can figure out many a circuit
Jigsaw puzzle,mathematical problem Rubik’s Cube!
He just can’t figure out a Ms Right!
He has a ruchi in the institution of marriage..
Yet …..
Goes crazy thinking of  possible innumerable qualities…
Fair,beautiful,tall or loving,caring,highly talented,
Street smart,or sweet and down to earth who’d merge his family
As more than her own!
The fear of sharing his life with an unknown
 partner tantalises him …
To do or not to do that’s the question
That he is unable to figure out
Hope and pray ruchi will sort it out!
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!!!!

A  great guy whose company
Young and the old ,gals and pals seek
He is gregarious!
Obliging them all
With his charming learned smart self!
There’s no other brother like him in this wide world
Purusho mein uttam
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Oracle of Omaha on Indian Soil!

Warren Buffet in India  …was front page news  in today’s Business Papers.
He is on his maiden tour to India.Some well known faces of the Dalal
Street (Mumbai) will be on a pilgrimage to see and hear, the God of Value Investing,in flesh and blood in Delhi!Thats the euphoria he has created in the business circles
The greatest lesson he has ever got is from his father  that of unconditional love. He believes  giving unconditional love  to be the most powerful thing to shape up children .He is passionate about teaching .He likes to teach to connect with the taught.
Investing like Warren Buffett is niether an art or a science . His guideline in his words is “’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wondeful price. “ He chooses investments with long term value .His investments often reflect the most basic product and services ranging from consumer goods like razor blades and laundry detergent to soft drinks and automobile insurance.
Oracle of Omaha ,his nickname because he is one of the greatest investos of all time . His investment picks and his comments on the market are very closely followed by the investment community . He lives and works in Omaha Nebraska.
Buffett is in India as a part of his philanthropic intiatives and is also expected to look at possible investment opportunities in the country . The Berkshire Hathaway  C.E.O. has  pledged 99% of his wealth to philanthrophy!He feels philonthrophy is much more difficult than business but that does not mean that it should be ignored.
He has decided to join Bill Gates on a mission to push wealthy Indians to pledge money for a global philanthrophic drive called the Giving Pledge…They together are worth $106 billion, a great part of which they have pledged to give away ,in their lifetime to solve some of the biggest problems facing the world today!World citizens truly!
A few interesting comments on him that I read in The Economic Times today…
…. He is an amazing man …I am mesmerised by the fact that a man can  make so much money purely by ethical means…
….he is willing to remain invested in a good company for a lifetime….
….have read his books on investing ,which have helped me get deeper insights about value investing. …
….his annual letter to shareholders is an iconic read and is an anatomy of investing….
….Buffett is a self-made man ,a role model for asset managers.He doesn’t buy stocks ,he buys businesses.He is a decade –long trader in this world of day traders…
He is an enormous believer in trade .The more trade the world has , the better it is over time.Wisdom ,Wit are synonmous with Warren  he quipped India has done well without my advice!
The octogenerian’s simple wish is to be remembered as the world’s oldest man …so much remains to be done !May God grant Bless him with a long life!

Tuesday 22 March 2011

My greetings to Bihar on it's 99th Birthday!

"Bihar's birthday bash begins today "...caption on page 17 of The Times Of India caught my eye . 
On this day today  1912 Bihar along with Orissa was separated from Bengal. 
It is a state seeped in history and culture.It is sometimes referred to as the Ruhr of India as it is  richly endowed with natural resources. 
It is the second Bihar Utsav setting the stage for the centenary celebrations of the state . 
The celebrations will be spread over several cities in India and abroad .
In Delhi the festival begins today at the constitution club .Everything quintessentially Bihari will be showcased's folk art ,folk songs, it's culture,plays, folk dances,folk artists will perform in cultural programmes held at different venues.
At the Constitution Club there will be an exhibition and sale of Bihari textiles and handicrafts-Bhagalpuri silk,Mithila(Madhubani)Paintings Bhabhua stone products ,jute products,jewellery .Craftsmen have been invited to the fair to demonstrate their skill before the visitors. 
Authentic Bihari cuisine will be there litti-chokha,puri sabzi, anarsha(a sweet made with thickened milk i.e. khoya with flour and sesame seeds)jalebi to name a few !

Saturday 19 March 2011

Supermoon! Perigee moon!

Supermoon over Toronto in Canada. Mar 19, 2011
 The hype about super moon and the destruction that it was sure to trigger in it's wake had most of us dreading Saturday morning of today !
What a relief nothing untoward earthquakes or tsunamis etc... 11-3-11 is too fresh in our minds !worse than any horrific disaster movie that one has ever  seen and therefore the fright rife in every conversation!                                                                                                                                      
On google I found out that there are 4 super moons annually.It is full or new moon that coincindes with a close approach by the moon to the earth.
It comes down to the moon's oval orbit.At one end of the orbit -the perigee -the moon is 31,000 closer to the earth  than it's farthest point the apogee.
Today's perigee will bring the moon 221,566 miles away .Today the full moon will occur less than one hour away from pedigree -a near perfect coincidence that happens only 18 years or so.
According to NASA- perigee moons are about 14%larger 30% brighter than the apogee moon.

Thursday 17 March 2011





                 GO  ON  MAN!


ENJOYING  ET AL !!!!!!!!!!!

                               AFTER DINNER WALK A MILE!


            ON  MY  WAY TO  BEING A MOTHER!




Wednesday 16 March 2011


Presently reading an interesting book by Laurence .S. Seidman ISBN 0-7656-1109-0...
He has explained Trade-off with the help of economic parables!He writes Adam and Eve  were happy initially consuming all that they produced
(i.e.ploughed,planted and harvested) with their bare hands ,weather and soil never failed them !
      Adam dreams of a tractor,(fertile imagination of his leaped centuries!)He saw the possibility of their ability to plough,plant and harvest multiply .Fervently he started praying for a tractor. God answered his prayers by burning detailed instructions onto a tablet of stone that lay at the foot of the tree of economic knowledge.
    As both set out to making a tractor they realised that they were unable to devote as much time as they were doing earlier for ploughing,planting and harvesting food .
  Eve reasoned ..."We face a trade-off"They had to sacrifice consumption of the present ,while they built the tractor in order to enjoy more consumption in the future. 
Adam wanted to understand it pictorially .
Eve drew a figure with a stick that resembles the present day PRODUCTION POSSIBILITY CURVE that  explains trade-off between 2 goods or services .In their case various production possibilities  
A  production possibility if they devoted all their time to  producing food then  of 100  units of food no tractor, ....
B possibility of say producing 1 tractors and 60 units of food 
C production possibility ....of say producing 2 tractors and 20 units of food....

Here the cost of building a tractor would be 40 units of food!

Now we can define production possibility curve (P.P.C)It shows all possible combination of 2 goods that an economy can produce with the given resources and given technology.

Tuesday 15 March 2011


Couple of days back my Dad  wrote the benefits of Gooseberry(Amla)
and asked me to eat one fresh everyday!Sure enough I went and got them and started eating one everyday!believe me it's a chore munching it!
I was almost thinking of giving it up and there in today's Delhi Times I saw an article extolling almost the same goodness of it as he had e-mailed ......
1.Source of VitaminC 
2.Rich in anti-oxidants.
3.Contains anti-inflamatory properties ...helps to allay joint  pains and arthritis.
4.High in fibre,hence good for constipation .
5Alleviates stress because of it's sedative property.
6.Gargle using water mixed with it's fresh juice for healing mouth ulcers.
7. For relief from menstrual cramps ,have it's fresh juice mixed with a ripe Banana 2 or 3 times a day .
8.Two tablespoons of fresh juice along with honey brings relief to cough and cold  take 2 to 3 times a day 
Indeed it's a powerhouse of nutrition!
Go for it as the "Remedy Pundit" says!

Sunday 13 March 2011


Browsing through the Economic Survey 2010-2011 by the government of India, Ministry of Finance I came across this very interesting insight  on pages 39-41
....What is increasingly recognised is that successful economic development has a strong correlation with human qualities such as honesty and trustworthiness.The drive for greater profit ...devoid of these social qualities,creates a dysfunctional and chaotic society .

There are studies showing that societies in which interpersonal trust is greater are societies that exhibit faster economic growth .e.g. a modern and an efficient economy depends upon contracts and the ability of individuals to rely on these contract  .
Say, an individual gives money to a painter to paint his house .If the risk is high that the painter will breach the contract by taking the money and then doing a slip shod work in that case people at large may prefer to leave their homes unpainted for longer stretches of time !
Another example ,say, a person lends money to a company with the company making a promise of paying a certain interest rate over the next 10 years and then paying back the principal.In a country where such contracts are not dependable and companies are likely to renege on the contract,it is unlikely that people will invest in companies .The bond market will flounder and companies will be able to invest less than what is optimal .

A Modern Vibrant Economy relies critically on contract and our ability to have trust in the contracts .
A part of the responsibility for enforcing contracts lies with the State and the Judiciary .Long term contracts like a mortgage for buying a house with the promise of repayment over the next 20 years ,necessarily have to rely on the State machinery for enforcement .However these are not the only kinds of contracts . Economic life is full of little promises.The best enforcer of these little contracts is our word of honour and the culture of honesty and trustworthiness!

If a particular citizenry is known to be trustworthy ,people will be more likely to cut deals with that nation and, over time the nation will prosper economically. 

For India to develop faster and do better as an economy it is important to foster the culture of honesty and trustworthiness.Nurturing theses qualities will bring about economic progress and human development .

Saturday 12 March 2011


I read about the quake in Japan ,causing the roof off a nuclear plant ,causing a radiation leak of unspecified proportions .A serious cause of concern .A nuclear safety official  however said that with the evacuation in place and the ocean bound winds we can ensure safety . Along side another news item reads in the Sunday Business Standard that the 20 odd nuclear power plants in India are located at a much lower seismic area .Thank God I say inwardly but then who can question God's wrath!

Sharing a Poem by Sukhamrit on Diwali (2010)

I fell ill on Diwali
I can’t tell you anything  to delight!
The Festival of light
Lights our eyes
And blackens our lungs!
 I huffed and I puffed
I wheezed and heaved
Could hardly breathe!
However with baited breadth
I await  a festival I dread!
I cough I sputter
Need the nebuliser
My intense desire to burst crackers
Beckons me !
 Under the watchful  eyes of my anxious folks
Amidsts the smog
With smarting eyes
I am hemmed in by the beauty of
Smoked candles ,diyas,sparklers ,
Psychedaellic lights on the buildings around ..
I set out to partake in the celebrations
Of dhoom dharak with my waiting friends!
The growing populace
Contributing to the din
Akin to a battlefield !
Festival to brighten the world I wonder?
Sure is a festival of pollution ….ponder
My friend ponder!!!!!


Revising Economics with my son for his annual exam I came across this explanation of the term in his text book........Growth refers to increase  in the country's capacity to produce goods and services with in the country.
It implies either a larger stock of productive capital
a larger size of supporting services like transport and banking
or increase  in the EFFICIENCY of productive capital and services.
A good INDICATOR  of economic growth in the  language of economics  is the steady increase in the Gross Domestic Product(G.D.P)
The G.D.P. is the market value of all goods and services produced in the country during a year.

The G.D.P. of a country is derived from different sectors of the economy namely
agricultural sector
the industrial sector
the services sector

Friday 11 March 2011

Sob Story!

It was interseting to read Seema Goswai's write up  in the Brunch Mgazine  on the actresses who received the oscar     She writes as the winners are announced tears follow   they get all misty eyesd ...weepy as they deliver their acceptance speech....the men seem to take it in their stride!
It's all about social conditioning ....women are brought up on the the belief that it is alright to to cry to express emotion ...Men on the other hand are made to understand that it is a mark of weakness !
We know about the cathartic effect of it cleansing all those feelings chocking us up ...we feel more in peace afterwards ....We deny this privilege to men in our lives! Men are supposed to be strong !
She says next time when your son ,nephew ...trips and falls and feels like a cry let him don't mock him with epithets like a sissy   let him bawl ,allow him the luxury of tears and he'll feel better!
She ends with a humourous touch saying that one day these boys too will be a blabbering mess on the oscar stage!


Just saw the horrendous devastation of an earthquake followed by a Tsunami in Japan on T.V.

Tuesday 8 March 2011

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!

That’s what has been told over the ages to keep the women happy in the thought that they were greater than the greatest king or emperor !For that matter  any successful man .It was because of the role she had successfully implemented as a mother ,the man in question had achieved heights . The woman happy in this  thought of hers, felt that she  has achieved a heavenly dream.

There  is a long list of men social reformers who felt for them and had this urge to get them out of  this unsung state of martydom .They saw in them  as human beings equal to men . These social reformers helped to unshackle woman of her self induced bondage that the mother  seeded in the mind of her daughter or daughters –in-law. Guru Nanak Devji,Swami Vivekanad ,Raja RamMohan Roy, Mahatma Gandhi  in their in immtable way paved the way for the woman to be one with man .
And Yes today’s Indian women have emerged out of her shell and what a Woman She is …Remarkable!
She has effortlessly slid into the the role of a professional along with her housewife.s role in tact. Most of  the woman I am going to talk about are Homemakers and are  neck to neck with the males or even better.
I took the priviledge to select a few names who I look upon as role models in what they have achieved and have become names to reckon with.Mother Terresa, Kiran Bedi, Anu Aga, Arundati Roy, Medha Patekar .Indira Nooyi, Srinivasan, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Shehnaz Hussain, Meera Sanyal ,Shobha de
Nafisa Ali, Dr.Swati Piramal .
They have a fire in their eyes ,liberated souls whose talks shakes one of one’s stupor of staus quo . There is a Magnetism a charm in their demeanor which is so infectious .

1.Smt. Pratibha Patil: The first Indian women to be the president of the Indian Union Her Excellency Pratibha Patil !
She started her professional career as a practicing Lawyer at the Jalgoan District court .She workrd on Social activities especially the upliftment of poor women. At the young age of 27 years she successfully contested her first election to the Maharashtra State Legislature..She served as the woman Governor of Rajasthan for the term 2004 to 2007 . .She took office as India’s first woman  President on 25 th July.2007

2.Mother Terresa: come on let us visualise a scene where you are in the grip of a mortal disease ,and your loved  ones are mortally afraid of catching the infectious diseade,you are infirm and old ,all your children have abandoned you and gone their ways…you are writhing in pain on the streets of India …painn of the disease ,pain of being a destitute ,pain of being left on your own no where to go!...and there steps in a mother who’d hug you without caring to know your background.Would  look into your being with smilimg caring eyes,a NIRMAL HIRDAY and give you that heavenly sense of being wanted….who but the godess of unconditional love …Mother Terresa…Yes the Albanian  Nun .who chose to be an Indian by staying on in India and dedicating her life to light a smile on the hapless faces.A revered face all over the world,gave honour to the Noble Peace prize when they chose her as a recepient ,swelled every Indian’s heart with pride!She showcased  Calcutta ‘s Bengali Saari  to the world .as missionaries of charity.

3.KIRAN BEDI: The woman who redefined policing in India….The super cop!leave alone the gender , a cop like her is difficult to come across !She joined  the Indian PoliceService  armed with the philosophy  to have power to correct ,Power to detect wrong and Power to prevent!She was the first and perhaps the last police officer to issue a parking ticket to the Prime Minister and inturn was awarded the Prison assignment  .Faced with the prospect of facing a 10,000 odd criminals she rose to the occasion corageously and transformed the jail into an ashram with education ,prayers ,meditation, yoga for the inmates .All this she did on the premise that crime comes out of a distorted mind ,she set out to change that distorted mind.The admiration that she garnered is unparalleled!Grit and determination another name for her Steadfast and fearless in her truthfulness!Has been recognised for her qualities by the Magsaysay Award and Asian Nobel peace Prize !Hounded by critics who have dismissed her as a publicity seeker .
See for yourself her work her childlike curiosity and wonder she takes up any assignment and she gves it her all! Be it being  a social activist ,a t.v. anchor ,or even doing ads!
She humbly attributes all this to her parents,who had 4 daughters .Despite stiff opposition from elders they chose to give the gift of education to all way back in the 50’s and 60’s India. See what did they have! The proud Parents!

4.MEDHA PATEKAR:In 1955 Prime Minister JawaharLal Nehru had been quoted of calling the dams “the temples of modern India later decades later Medha in 1988 described the Dams as “a disease of Gigantism “that we must withdarw from. She is .M.A. from the Tata Institute of Social Science .narmada Bachao andolan has been her babay. Early 1990||’s  saw her gaining  national and international notoriety for her efforts in the movement .She has been termed as environmental extremist who use pseudoscientific agitation prop to scuttle the development  of the region and that the dam will provide benefits to millions of people .

5.INDIRA NOOYI…Born in Chennai Tamil Nadu, presently  a U.S citizen .is the next on my list… She is the head of Pepesi Co. Indira Nooyi had been named by FORBES among the world’s most inspiring women . She is a woman of wisdom,woman of acievements ,dedicated to her family. M.B.A. from Yale ,she is both articulate and outspoken . Hers has been a personal struggle with balancing work and family . e.g.she loves  reading a book after putting her kids to sleep. 
For her there is no personal life …work is life and life is work She believes  that every point of time one has to make choices ,prioritise TRADE OFF ‘ is the name of the game ..Trade offs have to be worked out then and there In one of her interviews she humourously elucidated the point as to how one has to work out one’s survival effectively and successfully .One of her school going daughters called up to say that it was her turn to take Chocolate Chip Cookies to school .The busy executive had missed to read the slip of paper that morning …quickly worked out a strategy asked the chef in her cafetaria to prepare the requisite number and added an important thng to note was that the look should be absolute home made. !
So there she was the hero ….that she says is learning to cope!
2007 she was chosen as a receipient of Padma Bhushan Award by the Indian Government She has been ranked  3rd on the 2008-2009 list of world’s most powerful woman by Forbes Magazine
FORTUNE  Magazine has named Nooyi number 1 on it’s annual ranking of most powerful women in Business for 2006,2007, 2008 2009 . Named 2009 C.E.O. of the year by Global Supply Chain Leaders Group.The list of awards is a long one and are a testimoney of her brilliance!
Not for her is resting on her oars…her adage is to move on because the minute you develop a new business model …it is extinct because somebody is going to copy it!!

6.ELA BHATT:Born  on september 1933 in the city of Ahmedabad in India ,is the founder of Self Employed Women’s Association Of India(S.E.W.A)  is the largest single Trade Union in the country with a membership of 1000,000 women….members sre vegetable vendors ,in home seamstresses,head loaders ,bidi rollers ,papr pickers ,consruction workers ,incense stick makers and agriculture workers .They come from India’s unorganised sectors and organise for their just dues and rights .96%of all women are in this sector .Among their achievement is the S.E.W.A Bank whose capital is made up entirely of their own contributions. SEWA Bank was founded in 1974 by 4000 women each contributing Rs 10. In 1995 Hillary Clinton visited SEWA  Ahemedabad to gain insight into its functioning.
Mrs Ella Bhatt is a lawyer by training She was awarded the civilian honour by the govt. of India ….The Padam Sri in 1985 and The Padam Bhushan in 1986.
In one of her interviews she strongly stressed that Poverty will never be removed without the participation of women coming from the poor strata .A large number about more than 50% of  the poor families it is the women who are the sole supporters of the family.The work of the  Woman must be recognised ,recorded and enhanced if poverty is ever to be tackled effectively.
She was a Member of the Indian Parliament from 1986 to 1989. Also she was a member of the India Planning Commission. She has also received honorary doctorates from Haward,Yale and other acdemic institutions!
She features in the list of 100 people who shaped India!

7.MahaShweta Devi …A Bengali novelist .She is a champion of tribal communities . A recepient of Magsaysay Award for journalism literature and creative  communication .She has tirelessly worked  with the Khieria Sabar tribe branded a criminal tribe in W. Bengal’s Purulia dist. She has taken upon herself a crusade through art and and activism to claim for tribal peoples a just and honourable place in India’s national life
She also made Bollywood news when a poignant movie Hazzar Chaurassia Ki Ma ‘ was based on her novel!

8.LATA MANGESHKAR:…..Born on September 28 1929 is one of the  best known and respected singers in India.Her career started in 1942 and has spanned over ^ and a half decades. She was awarded the BHARAT RATNA the highest civilian award by the govt. of India in 2001.
In 1963  in the back drop of Indo china war she sang Ae mere watan ke logo …zara aankh mei bhar lo pani jo shahid hue hai unki zara yaad karo kurbani”in he presence of the then P.M.Shri Jawahar lal Nehru .Her melifluous redention of of the song moved him to tears!
May she give us more songs in the years to come!

9.P.T.USHA:….The sprint queen of India.Queen of Indian  track and field
She was born in Kerela .She showed the spark of her atheletic talent from early school by winning every talent from early school by winning  every track event .
In the 10th Asian Games held at seoul in 1986 she won 4 gold and 1 silver medal in the track and Field events.
She won 5 golds at the 6th Asian Track and Field Championship at Jakarta in 1985 .She left the whole world amazed at her speed ! She secured 5 gold medals in 100metres,200m,400m, 400m hurdles and 4*100 m relay …and 1 bronze in 6*100m relay races .This record has not been matched by any other man or woman in the world till this date . Usha has won 101international medals so far .Through most of her successful career her  maestero coach of atheletics O.M.Nambiar was a pillar of strenght to her!
Presently she is employed as an officer in the Southeren Railways .In 1985 she was conferred the Padam sri and the Arujana Award!
She retired in the year 2000 with a promise to groom bright young talents in her sports school in Kerela Which is managed by her husband V.Srinivasan. She is a proud mother of son Ujjwal!

10.Aruna Roy :Grew up in an unconventional and liberal family where dinner time was always punctuated by lively discussions .Her mother used to jest  that there should  be a sign outside the house saying .”if you cannot argue please don’t enter .In 1967  the 21 year old took the Indian Administrative Services and was one of the only 10 women .She married Sanjit Roy the founder of SWRC  Social Work and Research Centre at Tilona Rajasthan .In 1974 she resigned from the I.A.S.AND joined her husband and in that it was like her Alma Mater in Social study .In 1983 .she dissociated herself from it .
She then set out start M.K.S.S.Mazdoor Kissan Shakti Sanghathan  in 1987 with Shankar Singh an activist and other associates .The M.K.K.S in the mid 1990’s began a campaign that advocated the publics right to srutinise official records   as a check against arbitrary governance .
In 2004 Aruna was inducted  into National Advisory  committee N.A.C. an extremely powerful quasi governmental body headed by Sonia Gandhi.

One salutes these women leaders and hope that their inspiring stories bring a positive change that compell the  ordinary Indian women to broaden their horizon ,perhaps help break their glass ceiling and make them think differently.The exemplery work done by these great women ,through unconventional routes lead to their achieving success  in that they made the world look up to them !Her saga of talent grit and determination cannot be ignored!

As someone intelligent once said “a women is a women’s worst enemy”Until the wheel of corruption catches  up with the vanity and bitichiness of the females which seems to be inherent in them .It will be  a debate of pros and cons …till then the females are sublime !Until then Today we find The hand that rocks the cradle actually rules the Roost!!

Jasbir Kaur