Friday 20 September 2013


Why so?

Because it is so important for the ease of the internal organs…

The heart, the liver, the kidney, the pancreas, the stomach, the large

And small intestine, the duodenum, the lungs, which are delicately

interwoven in a mesh of arteries veins surrounded by blood vessels and all!

Just give them a little breather, do not squash them ...

to  make them uncomfortable with the comfortable posture of ours .

And what is that comfortable posture?

a) a slouch with drooping shoulders ,

b) a reclining position on chairs, twisting our spine in the most unspine like positions!

It’s time to brace up to the importance of a good posture!

and help increase the efficiency of the functioning of the vital organs!

High time we unlearn the comfortable postures of slouch and recline!

Make an effort to… Sit, Walk, Run, Ride, lie down straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets train our muscular system and skeletal system to adopt the correct posture!

Lets take the first simple step towards better health,

without swallowing those vitamins, and volumes of medicines,

without those painstaking excruciating exercises…try simply adopting  and adapting  a good posture!

A good posture is a scientifically proven remedy for general wellbeing.


Be upright!

Feel great!&

Lets pledge to keep

That spine of ours

Ramrod straight!

Thursday 12 September 2013



Economist Joseph Schumpeter coined the phrase “creative destruction” in 1942 to describe the less-than-tidy way free markets lead to progress: telephone replaced telegraph; cell phone replaced telephone; smartphone is replacing cellphone and so on. Something gets destroyed and something new and exciting is built on top of it.

Reading the piece by Nick Bilton in The Economic Times dated 10th September... he writes,

Perhaps no other recent product has been quite as much an agent of destruction and renewal as the iPhone, with its long list of features and access to a store of nearly a million apps that can handle thousands of functions.

The iPhone is the Ford Mustang of today.Ask 20-somethings if they would rather own a cool new car or a cool new smartphone. They’ll pick the latter. These devices offer a degree of freedom and social reach that previously only the automobile offered.

The apps store connected to the iPhone has allowed thousands of small businesses to thrive. And some like Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds game, have become large companies.

The new iPhone has got its due attention and soon there’ll be a scramble by it’s competitors such as Samsung, Huawei and ZTE to copy its latest features or better them.

That is the thing about this notion of creative destruction: you never quite know when you stop creating and get destroyed!