Friday 8 March 2019

Woman's Day

Woman’s Day

We poor women have to make a noise to say,
Give us a day,
To prove we’re great as the men!

Ad nauseam we quote examples
To drive in,  our point.
What’s the point?
Indulgently the guy’s   state
Lucky you!
We have no such days!!
We know…
The rest of the days
Are yours to celebrate.
Wow! You’ve given us a day
To revel in the phrase…Happy Women’s Day’
Great roles: a friend’s, a daughter’s, a sister’s,
Wife ‘s,  mother’s, home maker’s, a worker…
Are reiterated and plastered smilingly
By the molly coddling guys…
Happy in the thought the Day’
They bequeathed on us
Has been appreciated, enjoyed
And  thanked  for.
Thank you !
Never the less.
Less is more!
Don’t forget
It’s the first step
That does it!
Isn’t it!!