Wednesday 21 October 2020

Recipe To Finish A Nation!


 To finish a nation

Just attack it’s education

Lure the kids away!

The nation  will  be under your sway!

Turn them into addicts ..

Drugs, alcohol, TV or porn

You ‘ve successfully turned them into Morons.

The peace of the nation is  your’s  to take

Without firing a single bullet,

 you would have  won the war!



Saturday 17 October 2020

Don't Take Cudgels With Power!


Don’t Take Cudgels with Power!

A child well disciplined

Of an army personnel

Brought up with  care

Share, love and dare.

Grew, up-right

Always stood for the right!

Like his Papa wanted to fight

And serve his motherland without might!

Decided to write.

... to be a whistle blower,

To weed out the ills found all over.

But that was not to be!

His Media House he did  start

Treated workers like friends at that.

Carried out a Sting operation,

Where he knew was rampant corruption.

Alas! He locked horns with the rulers of the land

Who decided to teach him a lesson .

 Happily married with a lovely wife and daughter

With film star looks along with grey matter,

He caught many a women’s fancy.

However he couldn’t fathom

The extent of mischief afoot!


The rulers of the land

Sent a “Menka” of sorts,.

To entice and ensnare him with  her charms!

Mission accomplished!

He was finished!

His career fell,

Like the house  of   cards.

Damned and  defamed,

 all because he dared to dare,

The rulers of the land!





*Menka …a celestial  beautiful nymph  in Hindu mythology.