Sunday 19 May 2019


Sweetmeats of sorts
In a variety of mouthwatering flavours
Berries: Straw,Blue,,Goose,Ras.
I for one prefer
A fruit as a dessert.
To eat the drab meal,
The carrot is an apple
The apple of my eye

Often tummy abloat  with gas and acidity
Finally went to see a doctor
With a stomachful of complaints.

In a jiffy he flashed out a bio-chem  lesson
HCL, Ferment,Bile
Gosh ! the entire food on a spoil!

Simple he said.
Simply eat fruits
Two hours before or after meals.
It’ll have an impact magical
You’ll be the owner of a detoxified body
Energized exterior,
A radiant face!
I have none of the above
But my tummy troubles have truncated!

Sunday 12 May 2019

A Tussle: Mother and Child
 She yelled
You’re here on this 
Beautiful earth
Because of me
I am your creator.

You’re enervated to the position of a mother
Because of me
I gave you that tittle
And with that
All the adjectives describing a mom
Are yours to keep,
And enrich you as a person
And complete you as a woman

Bah Humbug,
Oh go on man!

Mother’s Day

This is a day for,
Extolling the virtues of mothers.
I do for mine too.
So grateful for my darling mother 
Like there is no other

I forget I’m also a mother
And sometimes that’s  a bother.
 I look inside outside me,
No motherlike qualities I see.

I can’t see beyond my nose!
Everything I want him to get
A good job, income, wife, family…
To boast “my son…”

All the time I’m after the poor soul
Do this, Do that , Don’t do that.
Your age, this this this was that,
You? Look at that.

Often I wonder
About my voice like a thunder
I use, to calm myself at his behest.
Listening to his thunderous silence
I list his faults,
Like a gurgling stream
He too can’t see beyond his nose!
Nonchalantly he goes on as he has to go  
And here I fail to comprehend as always
All my raving and ranting
Can’t change him
Unless he desires so…
That’s that!