Sunday 19 May 2019


Sweetmeats of sorts
In a variety of mouthwatering flavours
Berries: Straw,Blue,,Goose,Ras.
I for one prefer
A fruit as a dessert.
To eat the drab meal,
The carrot is an apple
The apple of my eye

Often tummy abloat  with gas and acidity
Finally went to see a doctor
With a stomachful of complaints.

In a jiffy he flashed out a bio-chem  lesson
HCL, Ferment,Bile
Gosh ! the entire food on a spoil!

Simple he said.
Simply eat fruits
Two hours before or after meals.
It’ll have an impact magical
You’ll be the owner of a detoxified body
Energized exterior,
A radiant face!
I have none of the above
But my tummy troubles have truncated!

Sunday 12 May 2019

A Tussle: Mother and Child
 She yelled
You’re here on this 
Beautiful earth
Because of me
I am your creator.

You’re enervated to the position of a mother
Because of me
I gave you that tittle
And with that
All the adjectives describing a mom
Are yours to keep,
And enrich you as a person
And complete you as a woman

Bah Humbug,
Oh go on man!

Mother’s Day

This is a day for,
Extolling the virtues of mothers.
I do for mine too.
So grateful for my darling mother 
Like there is no other

I forget I’m also a mother
And sometimes that’s  a bother.
 I look inside outside me,
No motherlike qualities I see.

I can’t see beyond my nose!
Everything I want him to get
A good job, income, wife, family…
To boast “my son…”

All the time I’m after the poor soul
Do this, Do that , Don’t do that.
Your age, this this this was that,
You? Look at that.

Often I wonder
About my voice like a thunder
I use, to calm myself at his behest.
Listening to his thunderous silence
I list his faults,
Like a gurgling stream
He too can’t see beyond his nose!
Nonchalantly he goes on as he has to go  
And here I fail to comprehend as always
All my raving and ranting
Can’t change him
Unless he desires so…
That’s that!

Friday 8 March 2019

Woman's Day

Woman’s Day

We poor women have to make a noise to say,
Give us a day,
To prove we’re great as the men!

Ad nauseam we quote examples
To drive in,  our point.
What’s the point?
Indulgently the guy’s   state
Lucky you!
We have no such days!!
We know…
The rest of the days
Are yours to celebrate.
Wow! You’ve given us a day
To revel in the phrase…Happy Women’s Day’
Great roles: a friend’s, a daughter’s, a sister’s,
Wife ‘s,  mother’s, home maker’s, a worker…
Are reiterated and plastered smilingly
By the molly coddling guys…
Happy in the thought the Day’
They bequeathed on us
Has been appreciated, enjoyed
And  thanked  for.
Thank you !
Never the less.
Less is more!
Don’t forget
It’s the first step
That does it!
Isn’t it!!

Thursday 28 February 2019

Wrinkle roil
Enroll in fitness clubs,
The numerous health check- ups,
Paying  obeisance to the Gods above.

The Birthday cards and songs
Replete with the signature lyrics
Of happy, healthy returns   galore !

Man’s quest for longevity is ageless.
But   Lo!  it comes with a side effect,
That of wrinkles aplenty tut=  tut!

The barely visible lines,
Laugh lines, crow’s feet, deepen,
Further, furrowed brows and wizened forehead,
Wrinkled elbows,  neck  and knees
Are keys
To depression!
Hence frantic consultations
To iron them out with aggression.

Worries make them hurry,
The million dollar question
How to scurry them away?
Into the arena step in the numerous cosmetic   brands,
To  ward  them off with their magical wands!
Gleefully collecting the moolah,
The gullible shower on them!

Die young sans wrinkles?
Or live old with wrinkles?
The choice is yours.
The wrinkles are only to the privileged few!
So  Royals !
No wrinkle roils!!