Friday 12 July 2013

Sweet Sixteen noble Malala!

Sweet Sixteen noble Malala!

What a way to come of age!

Malala addressed the U.N. Youth General Assembly today morning to herald in a life of recognition and dedication and a cause of spreading awareness about the importance of education.

Kudos Malala!  You kept us enraptured with your carefully chosen words in your historic speech today.

…Your simple reminder to mankind that no religion teaches hatred, violence, terrorism…
…Your simple reminder to all about the teachings of great men who used the innocuous but powerful weapons of empathy, forgiveness, and nonviolence to solve pressing issues…
…And your gentle reiteration in the trite phrase “Pen is mightier than the sword.” Emphasizing the need for the developed and developing countries to invest in women’s education specifically. This in order to make the planet a happy place…

I say what a way to celebrate sweet sixteen. Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns of 12th July Sweet, Strong Malala!

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