Friday 20 September 2013


Why so?

Because it is so important for the ease of the internal organs…

The heart, the liver, the kidney, the pancreas, the stomach, the large

And small intestine, the duodenum, the lungs, which are delicately

interwoven in a mesh of arteries veins surrounded by blood vessels and all!

Just give them a little breather, do not squash them ...

to  make them uncomfortable with the comfortable posture of ours .

And what is that comfortable posture?

a) a slouch with drooping shoulders ,

b) a reclining position on chairs, twisting our spine in the most unspine like positions!

It’s time to brace up to the importance of a good posture!

and help increase the efficiency of the functioning of the vital organs!

High time we unlearn the comfortable postures of slouch and recline!

Make an effort to… Sit, Walk, Run, Ride, lie down straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets train our muscular system and skeletal system to adopt the correct posture!

Lets take the first simple step towards better health,

without swallowing those vitamins, and volumes of medicines,

without those painstaking excruciating exercises…try simply adopting  and adapting  a good posture!

A good posture is a scientifically proven remedy for general wellbeing.


Be upright!

Feel great!&

Lets pledge to keep

That spine of ours

Ramrod straight!

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