Sunday 13 October 2013

...and the Nobel prize for Literature 2013 goes to Alice Munro!!!!!

Douglas Gibson, her longtime editor and publisher remarked that given that Munro had long been suggested as a candidate for the award, he got up early and dressed just in case …

“It was a little bit like Christmas eve I was a little bit like a kid . I couldn‘t sleep, because - would Santa come? And Santa came,” he said!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Award triggered an outpouring of pride in Canada!

Alice must be in wonderland in her eighty second year to be the first Canadian writer to receive the prize of eight million crowns…and the thirteenth female literature laureate in the 112 year history of the Nobel Prizes.

She said that the award will make people see short story as an important art and not just something you played around with until you get a novel written. She admitted that she herself started writing that way.

She developed a distinct style of her own. Her merit in the eyes of her admirers, is the richness of her plot and depth of detail usually more characteristic of novels. Her stories are usually set in Ontario her home province. The characters in her stories are often girls and women with seemingly unexceptional lives, who struggle with tribulations ranging from sexual abuse and stifling marriages to repressed love and ravages of ageing. Her writings have captured the warmth, insight and compassion in the wide range of lives. And no wonder she has been likened to the great nineteenth century Russian short story writer Chekhov! She believes that there are no such things as big and little subjects. The major things, the evils, that exist in the world have a direct relationship to the evil that exists around a dining room table when people are doing things to each other.

The numerous awards to her credit point out to the popularity of her books. It is befitting that the award of awards the Nobel ultimately came her way!

I agree it is “so splendid a thing to happen ,” Madam Alice Munro!

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