Wednesday 13 August 2014



Personal pronoun, plural number, first person, gender male\female, subject we, object “us”

I was watching America’s Got Talent season nine in Toronto on June the 10th or so. Howard Michael” Howie Mandel” one of the judges in the judges team clicked a picture of his group… all shouted in unison a“ Selfie” to which he quipped with his characteristic quick wit “USIE”, thereby coining a new word! Meaning all of us together in a photograph.

Self means oneself and snapping ones own photo on a mobile or camera would be a Selfie.

If one is in a group of friends\people, it is referred as “Us”. carrying the Selfie logic further if one clicks a photo along with a group of friends\people then it should be referred to as Usie! Smart Thinking!

I liked the word “Usie” .The Punjabi language already have this word “Usie” which means “We”\”Us”.

And now the great Canadian stand-up comedian, host, actor, Vee-Jay Mandel ….has given a new meaning to it!…freeze frame!...with an Usie moment!

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