Sunday 5 April 2015


The Hare And the Tortoise


Friends of sorts

The hare and the tortoise

Lived beside a little cottage.

Fed up with the hare’s hair raising stories

Of self praise

Challenged him to a race

Which he agreed to with an impish grace!

The hare smiled ear to ear

Without an iota of doubt

Gleefully thinking of the tortoise’s defeat

The forest came to know about

The lop sided race

They tried to reason with him

To save his face!

His grit and determination

Won him their admiration..

And on was the competition

Between the two companions!

On the morn of the event

All the animals crowded round the tent

Near the start and finish line.

The circuitous route

Through the thick of the forest

Was chalked out with care

With the consensus of the tortoise and the hare!

The birds on the trees

Were instructed to oversee

With their birds eye view!


They consented to comment

On the exciting event

With their chirpy commentary!

Get Set Go

Boomed the baboon, and fired the shot in the air!

Like a bullet , shot out of sight the fleet footed hare!

While his rival just about stuck out his foot

To take the first step as if he had taken root

Showered with epithets

Like poor thing, foolish, simpleton…

To have locked horns with a marathon expert they went on and on…

Unmindful of the jeers and all

He plodded on and on…

The hare turned his head around …


No trace of the fellow with him in the race!

Nonchalantly he decided

To rest awhile

To while away his time

To be a twosome at the finish line!

The buzzing bees, the rustling leaves,

The balmy breeze, the grass green , the shaded glade

Just the environ

To stretch and yawn

Heavy in sleep

His eyes seeped

Inert he lay

Happily in slumber on the hay!

Around afternoon the tortoise

Came upon the hare in siesta

No time to waste

He went his merry way

His goal to finish and hold his sway

In the forest way!

Towards eventide he caught a glimpse

Of the pulsating finish line!

All the animals had gathered with their families

Children playing, banging drums, clanging symbols,

Laughter and merrymaking, revelry and all

of course they knew the

Outcome of the competition…

What a surprise!

Surprise of surprise

When they sighted

Him inching in!

With the hare no where in sight!

A clap and a cheer broke out

For the tortoise

Meanwhile he awoke to hear the distant drums, cheer and all!

In a jiffy he was almost at the finishing line!

Not quite!

The winner was already announced!

He could see the tortoise

Held aloft by the jubilant crowd!

The parents endearingly giving a moral

To their young ones!

Slow and Steady

Wins the Race!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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