Thursday 28 February 2019

Wrinkle roil
Enroll in fitness clubs,
The numerous health check- ups,
Paying  obeisance to the Gods above.

The Birthday cards and songs
Replete with the signature lyrics
Of happy, healthy returns   galore !

Man’s quest for longevity is ageless.
But   Lo!  it comes with a side effect,
That of wrinkles aplenty tut=  tut!

The barely visible lines,
Laugh lines, crow’s feet, deepen,
Further, furrowed brows and wizened forehead,
Wrinkled elbows,  neck  and knees
Are keys
To depression!
Hence frantic consultations
To iron them out with aggression.

Worries make them hurry,
The million dollar question
How to scurry them away?
Into the arena step in the numerous cosmetic   brands,
To  ward  them off with their magical wands!
Gleefully collecting the moolah,
The gullible shower on them!

Die young sans wrinkles?
Or live old with wrinkles?
The choice is yours.
The wrinkles are only to the privileged few!
So  Royals !
No wrinkle roils!!

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