Sunday 19 May 2019


Sweetmeats of sorts
In a variety of mouthwatering flavours
Berries: Straw,Blue,,Goose,Ras.
I for one prefer
A fruit as a dessert.
To eat the drab meal,
The carrot is an apple
The apple of my eye

Often tummy abloat  with gas and acidity
Finally went to see a doctor
With a stomachful of complaints.

In a jiffy he flashed out a bio-chem  lesson
HCL, Ferment,Bile
Gosh ! the entire food on a spoil!

Simple he said.
Simply eat fruits
Two hours before or after meals.
It’ll have an impact magical
You’ll be the owner of a detoxified body
Energized exterior,
A radiant face!
I have none of the above
But my tummy troubles have truncated!

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