Wednesday 9 September 2020

The Morning Walk


The Morning walk

The old lady

On a solitary stroll

Everyday a young person

Watches her, and reasons

Why so lonesome

Little knowing

She’s just a little girl

Hidden in her soul

Enjoying the Koyal bird’s beat

That uplifts her heart!

Yes, it’s just that

And pray

That it’s there

The coming morn!

And the next and next…

So that she can text

To her old friends

All young at heart

So easily tickled ,

They laugh

At the drop of a hat!

The young person

Cannot fathom

Thinking   her as so naïve

Following a routine

Trudging so very slowly

With all her aches and pains

But with a spring in her being

With an unsatiated hunger

To catch the dawn

Before it’s gone!



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