Thursday 19 May 2011


Mothers must be grateful,
That they are mothers !
So that they can indulge in
The sweet emotion of mothering !
They never let you be!
Invade your privacy
Interfere in every moment of your life
When to have a bath,wash hair ,brush teeth
What to eat,wear
How to study and how much?
What friends to shun
If sitting in the solitary bliss in the toilet
Her voice spears in, How long do you intend being in there?
Come out!
Return from  a birthday party
And she can smell out any tell tale signs of mischief!
The amazing thing is she never gets fed up
Repeating the same ,over and over again
In the nagging tone of hers.
My mind rebels
And my tongue lashes- be quiet!
Away from her
Hanging out with my friends
The cell phone keeps ringing incessantly…
Reminder of her presence
Controlling me through remote control
 Mobile phones are hazardous. A statement so true!
Mother’s are so irritating!
Often at night when I am in the middle of watching
a serial on murder mystery-Sleep time… she declares ,
 switching  off the T.V.leaving me high and dry
 to unravel the mystery in my head and go crazy!
Morning when I am in my happy dreamland
She’ll ad nauseum ask me to get up
In all variations of tones
Slow,cajoling ,loud ,rude
In one breadth calls me her baby and in another a brute!
The dishes she cooks for me
Competes with the best dietician of a hospital
Bland and unpalatable
(Believe me if she starts a slimming centre
She’d feature in the rich and famous!)
Hence  I eat out or order from the eateries… to that
She lectures me with gruesome details
Of the disease that’s going to visit me!
As soon as I come on her radar
All she can think of is advice and more advice
She is a dreamer ,wants me to make a mark!
My birthday card was a calendar of 365
Days of good advice
Even the cup that she offers me milk says
“the best way to predict the future is to create it”!
Too much of everything is bad I guess
And I have just shut off…
All her good intentions fall off  my back!
I have fallen into fun loving company
‘They have done well and pushed you in the well’
She admonishes.
My grades have fallen
I am obese
I am lazy
I back answer
I have disrupted my life
Night I am up watching T.V. ,catching up gossip with friends
till  the wee hours of the morning and .zzz. into the middle of the day!
Haven’t seen the sun rise for so many days!
You see, I have no time for study in the scheme of things!
A unit test or an exam
Sends me into a frenzy
Suddenly this desire to be a topper spurs me
I leave no ‘faith unturned’
Fervently I remember Him
A talisman I seek to do a miracle
Suddenly all places of worship seem to me housing God Himself
And I show in earnest my  obeisance, making promises…
With the test over the intensity of the faith douses!
All this because
I have chosen to disobey her
You Don’t !!!!
Because mother knows best!
You’re blessed ,if you obey
You’re lucky ,if you obey
You will rule the world ,if you obey
She is the one who rules the world through
Children who obey her!
Oops !!!!!!!!!
 Am I  on an advising spree ?
O mother!you’re omni…

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