Friday 27 May 2011


I have seen the poor wearing tattered ,worn out jeans trying to hide their nudity and on the other hand we have the film stars earning crores dressed up in tattered jeans on purpose!Making fun of the poor and lowly…I suppose!
I had to write this when the other day a rickshaw puller echoed my sentiment about the torn trousers worn by the rich.
It’s all very well if they are scantily dressed ,barely dressed or whatever. But it is revolting to me to see them donning torn jeans from knees,thighs etc  why?I don’t understand .All I feel like doing is walking up to them shaking them to see reality.After all they must realise their role towards social responsibility!They are celebrity status because of their acceptance by the rank and file!How dare they make fun of the have- nots .
 I feel it it is the  most obnoxious fashion statement…flaunting their wealth by tearing off their new jeans in a country where the gap between the rich and poor is much as poles apart!Trying to emulate the poor and strutting with their noses up in the air.
What are they up to ? And that’s not all…
Horror of horrors… influencing the adolescents ( teenagers) of the middle class who scissor off their branded  jeans their parents so painstakingly buy !
What a pitiable lot the film stars are !Tell me who can reason with this narcisst lot! After all they are human , whose whole concern is to be noticed and be admired .On the other extreme,perhaps to feel the bliss of being a non entity!The extent they go to ,is anybody’s guess!

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