Monday 17 October 2011

Fauja Singh ... the Marathon King "100 Years Young"!!

Toronto - Oct 16, 2011:
I was fortunate  to witness history when a 100 year old sikh Fauja Singh (The pride of Punjab and UK) crossed the finish line of the 2011 Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon in downtown Toronto. The Marathon began around 9am and Fauja Singh took just over 8 hrs and 25 minutes to complete the 42 km course.
What struck me about Fauja Singh while he was on his way to the finish line was the determined; twinkled eyed; un-fatigued; fixed-gaze at the finish line.
The music at the finish line changed as Fauja Singh neared the finish line. The DJ honoured the man by playing punjabi songs as punjabi is Fauja Singh's mother tongue. The commentator held the crowd glued to the finish area by singing praises of Fauja Singh's numerous records and achievements and referred to him as ‘100 years young’! The evening was cold and overcast but the anxiety of watching a centenarian write history and enter the Guinness book of world records kept the crowd going and cheering….something to be witnessed in a long time.
Someone asked Fauja Singh about the secret to his longetivity..His  simple  answer…1) I remain happy 2) Ginger curry 3) several cups of tea a day!!!!
Don't ask me who came first in this marathon 'cause the achievement of this 100 year old star was too overwhelming and inspiring..
I'll soon be tightening the laces of my jogging shoes!!!
I hear that Fauja Singh donated around $12,000 to the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital after completing the race.
Fauja Singh.... is indeed...the Marathon King!

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