Wednesday 19 October 2011

'Roger that' at Rogers!

Everytime we’d drive Downtown Toronto on the Bloor Street I’d see the Ad outside Roger’s and marvel and admire the never ending silhouettes of men and women walking with a perfect posture with their hands loosely held, their unhurried walk on a huge electronic billboard.

I have this lazy habit of settling into a slight slouch while walking, sitting .So whenever I came in with in the area of the ad.I’d straighten up.

My brother confessed that he could never fathom the import of the figures of men and women walking ad nauseum in the frame. He often wondered who designed the ad.? But he admitted he seemed to see sense in the ad…..In the sense that it had an impact on people like me.

So taken is the family with my angle of  the given advertisement that I only have to look at Mum and say  Rogers and she unwinds her frame  into a taller upright woman! In short we all stand tall!
Well! That’s what I call Roger!
You sure have made your point.
What an Ad!

P.S. But I’d love to find out the real theme behind the ad. from the folks at Rogers!!???

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