Tuesday 28 February 2012


Credit Policy and Credit Management
Payment Terms and Methods
Credit Assessment
Credit Decisions and Controls
Recording and Measuring Debt
Collecting Payment
External Help in Collecting Debt
Small Claims Tribunal
Export Credit
Trade Credit Insurance and Factoring
Bad Debts
Recruitment Policies and Procedures

Recently I went through a commendable book entitled ‘Credit Management And Debt Recovery In Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and India.’ It is published by the well know publishers Sweet & Maxwell | Thomson-Reuters. It is authored by Roberto (Bobby) Rozario and Puru Grover.

It is a voluminous paperback textbook that lucidly explains the concepts of Credit Management and ensuing debt recovery in an informative and easy to read/understand style.

Although the book is written with the credit professional in mind, this book to my mind is a valuable asset to the students and teachers too.
The textbook I feel, is a must for anyone seeking a career in credit management and finance. As a matter of fact it is already an official course textbook for the various professional certifications designate within the ACA International Society of Certified Credit and Collection Professionals in Hong Kong and China. India being nascent in this field lacks any such professional designation in credit management and this book can help as a guide in laying the foundation stone.

The book is replete with practical examples and case studies that makes it relevant in the wave of globalisation, made possible by the  computer revolution, that has immensely altered the map of doing business on credit terms.

Thus it provides knowledge to form a foundation for strong Credit and Credit collection management in the new, electronic and cyber–credit based economy.

The book also offers on-going education and training as a result of the advent of new technology leading to new policies, regulations.

Interestingly I found that the principles, practices procedures outlines are relevant to the focused regions of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and India.

Any business venture today is unimaginable without credit, indeed it’s most important ingredient. The mismanagement of credit can be a firm’s undoing in the backdrop of the global economic slowdown.

If you go through the book you can’t agree more that the layout is meticulous, complete in all its aspects. It even includes helpful specimen invoices, letters, reminders –which can be modified to suit the business needs!

Neat! A good, informative and instructive read, I say!

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