Saturday 10 March 2012


 Today when I told my Dad that I had attended  a workshop in the British Council Library on Stress Management by Meena Gupta he asked me to put it on my blog hence here I go….
Heal yourself.Take care of your stress. De stress yourself with the following 
1.Music Sing ,or just play an instrument click your fingers or clap or keep time with a spoon or a plate and a spoon perhaps …you will feel good !
2.Art.Let out the child in you draw anything it wants too .Don’t think of perfection just colour ,paint or draw for the fun of it .And you will smile 
3. Creative Visualisation.As in visualizing yourself in a pleasing surrounding e.g.a lovely garden,sea beach,valley ,riverside,and relax .Whenever in stress administer a dose of  creative visualisation and you will certainly feel lighter.
4.Break out of your negative mind set . A huge elephant was tied by an ordinary rope . The Mahout was questioned about the strength of the rope to which he answered that the same rope had been used when it was a baby and he saw no reason in changing it as the elephant was of the belief he could not break off . He was tied to a belief  an analogy used to explain to us to get out of our negative mind set!
5.Take  the cause of the stress by its horns ,see it in the eye …do not ignore it answers will come to you on their own accord! You will see the root of the stress …honest self analysis will help you and stress will automatically leave you!
5.Please don’t see yourself through the eyes of others. You could be provoked into bitterness by blaming others for your misfortune,anger,tears and fears.Do not for heaven’s sake give the remote control of your life into the hands of others especially your ill wishers !
6.Also don’t waste time keeping an eye on others . Do a favour to yourself by keeping an eye on yourself .Be cool! Remember lose your cool lose an argument !
 7.Give your self ‘My Time’every day Make it a daily habit the greatest stress buster is a little meditation  that helps increase concentration and mental wellbeing .Meditation through creative visualization will free you from any psychosomatic disease (a research paper disclosed that two years of stressful life can lead to cancer!)Addiction of any kind too is stress related
8..Toss your stress in the Bin …Bin your stress...Que Serra Serra …and be Happy!

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