Thursday 5 April 2012


 I opened yahoomail to check for an e mail from my Dad and I came across this ...GNH(GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS) . I went on to read all about it and thought its not a bad idea after all to base all economic activities on variables that will keep mankind happy  .One I feel should be to keep strife both external and internal at bay...a very difficult proposition...right?!The word Happiness caught my attention . Is n't that the most important endearing wish for our near and dear ones?Great someone thought it important enough to put it down as a world report !
The report was released at the U.N. Summit in New York was convened by Bhutan -the tiny Himalayan Nation which made headlines 30 years ago for using the term (GNH) Gross National Happiness.GNH was coined in 1972 by the then king of Bhutan Jigme Singye Wangchuck .He said 'GNH is more important than GNP'
Economist Jeffery Sach who edited the WHR(World Happiness Report)said that Happiness could be achieved independent of economic welbeing as measured by the  Gross National Product(GNP)
The purpose of development must be to create conducive conditions through public policy for the pursuit of the ultimate goal of happiness by all citizens .
Social factors such as 1.strength of social support 2. absence of corruption of personal  freedom ... are more important than wealth.
The report entitled Happiness and Well being -defining a new Economic Paradigm ,rellects on a new world wide demand for more attention to happiness and absence of misery as criteria for government policy .
It also listed suggestions for the government to follow in order to promote happiness...
1...helping people meet their basic needs
2...reinforcing the social system.
3...implementing  active labour policies
4...limiting the scale of green house gas emissions.
5...improving mental health system
6...promoting physical health 
7... helping public resist hyper commercialisation
8...promoting compassion,altruism honesty

The Happiest country is Denmark
2. Finland
8.New Zealand
9. Australia
18th is Britain and 156th is Togo
Well ! it's high time that we overcome our basic instincts that of  giant sized ego ,hatred,anger ,jealousy,mine and thine.Believe me happiness will be just round the corner!

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