Sunday 15 April 2012


Elections to the trifurcated Municipal Corporation

The people have experienced 5 years of BJP rule in MCD. There are two main parties and 15 parties along with 1,176 independent candidates in the fray 3 new civic bodies will replace the 54 year old Municipal Corporation of Delhi .

The Congress party says vote for development and the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) asks for vote against corruption.

For the past couple of weeks the lonely back lane of my house is teeming with activity …Jeeps and cars full of youth come here every morning chalking out the day’s itinerary with their banners flags and scarves etc. rehearsing their street plays in favour of the party/candidate they are canvasing for .There is so much of enthusiasm, din and bustle in the back lane .My favourite pastime is sitting glued to my window watching Democracy being played Live!

Around 1.15 crore people should vote today .However with Baisakhi festival on Friday we have had a long weekend perhaps quite a few of Delhites might be off on a vacation. These youngsters have been shouting themselves hoarse spreading awareness that   Delhi is yours ,participate in its progress by casting your vote etc.

Now for some facts
·         Rakesh Mehta is Delhi state Election Commissioner.
·         Around 2,400 candidates are contesting for 3 municipal bodies North
·         South and East .There are 904 candidates in South,885 in North and 634 in East.
·         There are 11,543 total polling stations.55 of them identified as  hyper-sensitive ,
·         275 declared as sensitive.
·         138 seats reserved for women.
Counting of votes on Tuesday …let’s see who wins!

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