Sunday 7 October 2012


With the apple picking season on …How was apple picking?

Here are some Apples…

…An Apple does not fall far from the tree…kids are like their parents.

…Apple of someone’s eye …dearly loved

…In Apple pie order…very well organised.

…An Apple a day keeps the doctor away…nutritious

…Apple polisher…a flatterer

…Apples and Oranges…two entities not similar.

…Sure as God made green Apples…absolutely certain.

…Motherhood and apple pie …quientessential elements of American home life.

…Millions saw the Apple fall,but Newton was the one to ask why?

…Apple of dicord…cause of quarrel.

…Adam’s Apple...

…Apples for Apples…comparison between similar/related things.

…How about them Apples/How do you like them Apples…used to express admiration

…(What do you think of that)

…Rotten Apple…a single bad person or thing.

…Big Apple…nickname for New York City.

…Upset the apple cart…to mess up/to ruin something .

…Up the apples and pears… up the stairs.


I came across this Apple in today’s Sunday Business Standard 7th Oct.2012.



50 years ago on Oct. 5 ,the Beatles released their first single ,’Love Me Do’,and then went on to become the best selling group in the history of music.

A year ago on the same day,Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away.


Since coming together in 1960 ,the fabulous four (John Lenon,singer ,songwrite and rhythm guitarist ;Paul McCartney.singer,songwriter and bass guitarist ;George Harrison,lead guitarist;Ringo Starr,Drums.)

As the money poured in ,in 1968 ,the British rockers formed a group to house their record label and a clutch of other creative ventures .They called it Apple Corps Ltd.With a green apple as the Logo.


A decade later ,on the other side of the Atlantic ,a certain Steve Jobs started another iconic group –Apple Computer ,and almost immediately ,invited a lawsuit from the original keepers of the ‘Apple’ brand alleging Trademark infringements.A metalic Apple  with a bite off was their logo.

From 1978 to 2007 ,the two Apples fought intermittently till finally reaching a settlement .Apple Inc.(formerly Apple Computer) now owns all of the trademarks related to “Apple”,but liscenses certain of those trademarks back to Apple Corps for their use.


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