Thursday 27 September 2012


A good handwriting is such a solace to the eyes.  It makes one gaze at it and admire it.

The owner of a good handwriting is often talked about in admiring terms !

I am a teacher and have gone through the writings of  thousands of students for  so many years now .It feels good when I come across answer scripts in good writing .The positive emotions that surge within me are so varied .I have  noticed that the persons who write beautifully are a disciplined lot. They like to do their work neatly .They are organized and have a sense of pride in all what they do, be it home or at work. They will have well settled cupboards, bags ,even their gardens are neatly tended. Their houses are neat They are fond of cleanliness. They like to see everything about them in proper order. Their  dress well and thus have a neat, pleasing appearance. They are hard working and plan out their time . They are meticulous and work in a clockwork precision

However ,a good handwriting does not necessarily mean an intelligent person.

Waxing eloquent the characteristics of a person with a good legible writing ,its in the fitness of things to talk about how to improve and become a good hand writer.

Anyone yes anyone can be the owner of a good hand writing if he/she follows the following simple rules:a)The one and only rule  is that  the spark of improvement should come from within…once you are armed with the realization half the battle is won!b) With the spark ignited ,the second important thing to do is write each  alphabet the cursive way one at a time .Formulate the letters as one has been taught  in the primary classes.c)When you take care of the alphabets the words will shape well.d)And if words look good the sentences will be aesthetically beautiful.e)Give yourself no reason what so ever to write untidily, or in a scribble ,a self discipline has to be imposed.f)Before you even realise you will be a great calligrapher to be reckoned with!

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