Monday 16 December 2013


Women are not safe from the prowling men…

Incidents aplenty of her molestation are reported daily

We listen and watch the graphic details

Many a debate, schemes have been deliberated

Concerts, rallies, street plays campaigns organized

Every mother, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law,

Daughter, daughter-in-law have been invoked to

Put sense in the males around them…however

Little seems to have changed!

The crime flourishes because of the despicable,

 Horrific carnal urge of man…disgusting! hideous

 raucous laughter, sneering smile, sadistic pleasure

 to see the helplessness, hopelessness, fear, hate,

 agony in the fair eyes begging for freedom.

Wriggling, gasping like a fish ensnared, a lamb at the alter…

That man is strong, he flexes his muscles in glee to overpower and crush!

Yes he has made another kill

Finished a woman, changed her life forever!

The happy, merry, impish, full of fun n frolic damsel is no more.

In life or death… a stigmatized life ahead!

She and her family drowned in a quagmire of shameful rhetorical questions

The how when what why where who what of rape!

Little seems to have changed!...however

Some empathetic technocrats have come up with safety Applications!

BSAFE…”Never walk Alone” it sends in S.O.S.message to your chosen contacts

Available on iOS Android and Blackberry devices for free.

FIGHTBACK…available on Android and Nokia devices.

IFOLLOW: Shake the Smartphone thrice within a span of five seconds

to activate the app…available on Android and iOS for free.

SCREAM ALARM:  Unleashes a loud scream in woman’s voice. available

on Android markets for free.

SENTINAL: It boasts of working when the phone is destroyed

 And there is no internet access! Available on Android and iOS markets.

LIFE360 FAMILY LOCATOR: Available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

WOMEN SAFE CIRCLE: Available on Windows phone.

DAMINI: The app records video clips…available on Android markets.

HOLLABACK:User can take a photo of the harasser and upload it on it’s website.

Available on iOS and Android devices.

NIRBHAY:A tribute to the her who lit a flame for the rights and dignity of women… safe India for them!. Available on android for free.

Salute you great guys for your noteworthy contribution towards mobile safety!!!!!!!!






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