Wednesday 11 December 2013


It is the last sequential date of the century!
There seemed to be something sacrosanct in the air. There was so much hype about the date at my work place that it caught on. Some checked and updated their status on the social site on their smart phones and read out some weird quips. A colleague was reading aloud the contents from the htcity the National daily. …Astrologer and numerologist P Khurana says the day is auspicious in terms of planetary positions. It is a rare combination of the Sun, Moon Venus, Mars and Jupiter in strong positions. Also, 11+12+13=9, a powerful number signifying Mars(Mangal) which makes it influential. Amidst all this revelry a guy made a limping entry. He had just about managed to escape coming under a bus! Aghast we sympathized, he suddenly grinned and said perhaps it was 11.12.13. the extra special date of the century that he was saved to remember.

Delhites are all for fun! From weddings to having babies, to voluminous discounts on eatables for partying, to be there on the icing on the cake! 11.12.13 a maverick day sort of!

Go out there and live it!

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