Friday, 20 March 2020

Made in China : Horrendous Corona

Loss of crores,
with  the virus Corona
Is taking its toll
On the rolls.
Death that seemed so far away
Seems on its way.

Fear writ large on each face
Will it clear us off the world’s face?
Is the Judgment  Day on us?
Time to exit like the mighty dinosaurs?

Is the Corona a Malthusian Catastrophe_
A positive check
On the burgeoning population
Because we’ve failed the preventive checks?

Witnessing an unnerving phenomenon,
Quarantine and what not!
The reality so stark.
Envisioning perhaps God’s annihilation plan.

Yes a  silver lining,
the world has taken a sabbatical
From strife ,hate ,bullying for a while.

The itsy bitsy,teeny weeny microbe
Has taken our breath away.
Slowly realization dawning on us
Not to take for granted
God’s breathtaking creations!

In its wake it has given mankind a rueful l lesson
In  Globalisation, at large.
Learning from each other
Today we stand in unity against this invisible scourge!

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