Wednesday 29 April 2020

Fire and Resilience

Fire and Resilience In the Lockdown
I hear me walk
Measuring  my pace on the crunchy leaves.
I look over my shoulder
To see this eerie ,empty street
Bereft of people’s stream.
In a brick and mortar jungle
Tutoring my thoughts to be in
A + frame of mind
A difficult proposition indeed!
I trudge along in the midst
Of silence, dead leaves and mistrust.
Suddenly my nose through the secure mask
Smells something cooking and coaxes
My forlorn, woebegone being to be alive
And sure smell takes a happy dive.
I toss off the mask that has made me nose-blind
Spells freedom to the nostrils
to take in  the whiffs of gulp full of aromas that thrills !
the tummy juices growl
hungrily I inhale
it whets my greed
what a treat!
My prying nose deciphered every simmering dish
Be it the curried fish
Potatoes with onions frying
Zukini with garlic and ginger
In jiffy I catch the
Unmistakable sizzling of omelet’s!
Every few paces the
Wafting aroma changes
Happily I relish the culinary skills
In a  variety of curries
The freshly made Rotis, Parathas, Puris.
Beverages brewing
Teas …ginger, cinnamon, clove ,Tulsi
The intoxicating coffee ,hot chocolate
Boiling milk, rice lentils
Such delicacies assail my senses!
I feel I’m in a Royal Banquet
Sampling out of surfeit of exotic dishes!
Each aroma buttered
 My mind  with memories
Of people that mattered.
Strains of ‘Fires burning bright’
By the ‘Brotherhood of man’
Brings me back to my walk.
I salute the resilience  of the lady of the  house
Who measures up to the recurring demand
Of the taste buds and stomach.
No matter what
Day in and day out
Always keep the fires on
Even in the lockdown!

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