Sunday 26 April 2020


Comes June
My lighthearted heart hums a tune
To see my old folks back home

The annual ritual
Is like a carrot on the stick
That gives me the incentive to go on
And on…over the hills and vales
Thorns and Roses.

This time  Corona, the  king of the Globe
With its unmistakable crown and scepter
Pronounced a verdict
Lock down !stay put!!
Keep distance!!!quarantine!!!
Trespassers to the order
Will be done with.

And here I feel so cheated
A plaintiff seeking justice from Heavens.

Waiting to fit into my mother’s heaves
Giving her my comforting heartbeats
I’ve never ever felt so enchained.
Angry weary
Dark and dreary
Like a caged lioness!

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