Tuesday 5 May 2020


Today I attended a Haiku workshop organized by Delhiwallah Collective Poetry Group .It was led by Gina Gallyot,  along with Rajeev Narang and sponsored by an online magazine” LitGleam”.
Gina explained the basic rules of writing Haiku. It the Japanese art of writing tiny poems of 17 syllables!
It is simple   poem of three lines only.
The first line has five syllables.
The second line seven syllables.
The third has five syllables.
It was such a delightful experience reading these short and sweet poems, with punch!
Even in this wee little poem there is a cutting point/word to how contrast or similarities, termed as   “Kirje”. The subject matter could be seasonal reference to nature elements   “Kigo”.
She shared some Haiku’s from the great master Matsuo Basho.
She encouraged us to write Haiku .I scribbled this one
“The cherry blossom
Lit up my being in smiles
Made   me so happy!”

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