Thursday 7 May 2020


On the terrace admired  the very bright, round moon . Today is super moon and it has coincided with Budh Purnima.   It is Buddha’s birthday observed by Buddhists all over the world as an important festival. It is believed three important events  of Buddha’s life took place :his  birth, his attaining enlightment, and his death, Paranirvana. This day is Thrice Blessed Festival.
It is celebrated in the Asian countries mainly by lighting lanterns ,candles, floating them on a lake.
China, South Korea, North Korea, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia Japan ,Malaysia ,Mongolia ,Myanmar, Nepal Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam.
Also it is celebrated in Australia as “Vesak Day”. In Brazil it is celebrated largely because of the Japanese Community. Vesak Buddha’s Birthday  in Toronto,  Canada. In the U.S.A the celebration differs from community to  community depending on ethnicity and nationality.
We Indians celebrate the day .It’s a public holiday , it was initiated by B.R.Ambedkar, who drafted the Indian Constitution. Buddha’s teachings are intertwined in our social fabric. His tenets of’ middle path ‘and ‘non- violence , Three Jewels about living an ideal life, so well known to all.  
 Its an important day in our family because my Dad and Mom tied the knot on this auspicious day!
The Super Moon has  lit up the sky and it is going to be the last Super moon of 2020.
The term Super moon is coined by the astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979. It occurs when the moon reaches it’s closest point to the earth which is known as Perigee.
It can be 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the usual moon. That is why it’s so breath -taking. The Full Moon in May month is referred to as Flower Moon because of the spring season and abundance of flowers. It is indeed an ode to the flowers blooming in Northern Hemisphere.
There is something deeply enchanting about the silver suffused with yellow , pink blue grey colors!
Today the super Moon looks Magical in the night sky . it seems like a lovely poem written in this Lockdown  of hope and joy …

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