Thursday 9 June 2011


Read an alarming piece of information in today’s paper.
Solar flare to affect the Earth.Size of the earth is miniscule as compared to the solar flare .
What is a  solar flare?
Solar flares are giant explosions of gas and magnetic energy that erupt from the Sun’s surface .The largest flare was recorded in 1859 that set ablaze telegraph poles all over the world!
The cloud of particles produced by the flare seems to have covered half of the Sun’s surface.
The U.S.National Weather Service says the flare unleashed a firestorm of radiation .It could disrupt satellite communicaions and power transmission.
“Material that is blasting out is gas and magnetic field combined …we are expecting some of it  to impact the Earth and create a geomagnetic storm… ”says scientist Bill Murtagh.
NASA’s solar dynamics observatory noted since the erruption was not  pointed directly at Earth ,the effects would be fairly small .
 Tsunamis ,Cyclonic Winds and what not…looks like the Earth is in the Eye of a storm!
Lets keep our fingers crossed!

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