Monday 20 June 2011


The wonder spice helps you keep healthy!
Turmeric or Haldi adds colour flavour purity and health to life!
It prevents cholestrol oxidation and it’s high levels of
Vitamin B6 protects the heart .It strengthens and improves digestion
thereby reducing gas and bloating .Promotes healthy metabolism,
elimination of wastes and toxins ,and  weight management.It
supports healthy liver function and detoxification by increasing
bile flow and cleansing ,rejuvenating and recharging the liver
cells .It also purifies the blood!
Haldi contains curcuminoids(plant- based powerful anti-oxidant
and anti-inflamatory nutrients .)that……
1)relieve arthritis pain and stiffness.
2)inhibit cancer initiation,promotion and invasion,angiogenesis
and metasis.
3)prevent and help treat Alzheimer’s and depression.
4)add to these what you know about this yellow gold!
Using It As A Protective Shield:
Use it as a spice in cooking which we all do .
For better digestion ,eat a mixture of 1 tsp.of turmeric in
One cup of yogurt/curds right after lunch.
For relief from asthama ,allergies ,muscle aches and pains
And for anti-ageing and anti inlamatory effects boil 1 cup
Of milk with 1 tsp.of turmeric powder and drink it before
 going to sleep!
For detoxification of the blood and liver take 1 tsp.of raw turmeric
Rhizome juice mixed with honey everyday .
For superior medicinal or cosmetic results, use kasturi haldi .
which is a special aromatic haldi.
For a beautiful complexion ,and for getting rid of unwanted facial
hair ,apply a paste of turmeric and honey on the skin near bed time.
Wash off well after 5 minutes .In the morning remove any yellow
tinge if remaining with  a paste of besan (black gram powder)and
oil .
Looks like it’s a panacea of all ills!
Take the information with apinch of salt!...and do your research too!

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