Wednesday 27 March 2013


Two celebrations this day today!

My little sister’s B’day and Happy Holi!

In around 63 countries of the world the arrival of spring is welcomed with a holi like colourful festival. (Find out the names for yourselves if you’re  curious!)

Holi time, time to press door bells, time to cajole people to come out of their houses and join in the revelry, the ensuing laughter, screaming, shouting, yelling loud talking, friendly targeting of  water balloons, spurting colours with water guns/ rifles. If one wants to bury the hatchet, what better  time than this holi festival. Time to hug each other and forget one’s grouses. The hullabaloo to the beat of the drums! All this and more a part of Holi celebrations which begins with stockpiling the ammunition of various colours and filling balloons with water !In the morning usually the celebration is with wet colours.The bubbly laughter that gurgles up when the expected balloon comes and hits you. The screeching and shouting when all your pleading of not throwing coloured water falls on deaf ears and you are soaked, stung  to do a quick retaliation. Evening it is with Gulal i.e. with dry colours.One has to see the magic of smearing or even putting a little dot on the forehead or cheeks of an acquaintance. The face lights up into an enchanting and an endearing smile. One can only experience the depth of feeling by the actual exchange of applying the dry colour(gulal).

For those who like to stay indoors the Television keeps them entertained with Holi songs from movies-Hindi and regional. The scale of celebration depicted there is phenomenal.

Parents start the day by preparing their kids for partaking in the celebrations. Dressing them with suitable clothes that they can discard later. Smearing crème or oil  to protect their delicate skins from synthetic colours, and also save themselves the trouble of hours of scrubbing them off their colour.

The event is celebrated on the basis of a Hindu   mythological tale revolving round Hiranyakashyap, his sister Holika and son Prahalad. However today the festival does not belong to  any one caste creed or religion. It is for anyone who is happy to be happy!

It is imbibed into the culture of our country. It is a day to welcome the spring in all it’s splendour. There is a melody in the winds whispering their good wishes. There is a light headedness all around. Children and all those who have the child in them alive are agog with excitement. No wonder it is called “playing holi.” It seems as though a  new energy  is coursing through their being. So infectious is the enthusiasm  that even the non- players  and severe critics of the festival calling it the dirty festival and giving in  minute detail the flip side of the festival, when caught unawares  end up smiling ear to ear and cribbing join the band wagon! Such is the power of holi.

Gujjias, Malpuas are the special sweets that mark the day.

Looking like real rainbows we take our car and go for a ride to see the world around. It looks flamboyant with the flavour of merry making here,  there and everywhere!

The cherry on the icing is the pictures that one randomly clicked…of weirdest of poses, ludicrous expressions, unrecognizable faces with an amazing art work of a riot of colours! Happy Holi!



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