Monday 11 March 2013



The slurpulucious snack of North India is the humble Samosa. It is prepared with tasty potato preparation wrapped in a triangular shaped casing made out of refined flour dough and then deep fried. They come in all sizes huge, medium, small, and bite size. It has

a singular taste that is second to none.

It is easy on the pocket and fills the tummy …and sometimes inflates it into a paunch! So beware.

It is a meal for the poor who have a samosa with tea. I use to rave about them, overeating, much to my parent’s horror! It is a favorite snack for thousands of Indians! It is known as Singhara in Bihar, perhaps because it resembles a water fruit by the same name.  Really it is a great snack along  with  steaming cups of tea.

I was delighted to read an article in  the  periodical Span of January/February 2013. It says that one finds a version of this mouthwatering snack in every country in every cuisine by different names- an empanada, a calzone, a Cornish pastry, a dumpling, a  spanakopita.

The Indians settled abroad generally offer samosas as party appetizers along with different dips. (chutneys).

Samosa has been adopted and adapted by the North American sub-continent. They have modified it  and made it their own.

The contents of the samosas  have got creative…minced meat, chicken, crab, mushroom, peanut butter, pumpkin, nutella, peas, lentils, farm fresh veggies, feta samosa, lamb shawarma and what have you?But believe me, the hot,  spicey,old school potato takes the cake! So  Beat it!



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