Tuesday 16 April 2013



 Reading through the 14th page entitled ‘Freedom From Economics’ of The  Economic Times 13/4/’13, I liked this on ‘Operation Cryptonym.’ I did not even know the meaning. I called  up my Dad and asked him the meaning he simply said ‘hidden name’ .

A code name or cryptonym is a word or name used clandestinely to refer to another name or word.

Code names are often used for military purpose, or in espionage. They may also be used in industry to protect secret projects and the like from business rivals.

The United States uses code names for U.S. Presidents, First Ladies and other persons and locations.

 The use of such names were originally for security purposes and dates. Today they simply serve for purposes of  brevity, clarity and tradition.

The Secret Service does not choose these names. The White House Communications Agency(WHCA) assigns them.

According to the established protocol good codewords are ambiguous words that can be easily pronounced and easily understood.

Traditionally, all family member’s code names start with the same letter(alliteration). They are often publicly known.

Here are some:

President John. F. Kennedy   : codename : Lancer

First Lady Jacqline Kennedy: codename:  Lace.

Bill Clinton: codename: Eagle.

Hillary Clinton: codename: Evergreen.

Chelsea(daughter) codename: Energy.

Barack Obama: codename: Renegade.

Michell Obama: codename: Renaissance.

Malia Obama: codename: Radiance.

Sasha Obama: codename: Rosebud.

Pope John Paul: codename: “Halo”.

The White House:codename: Olympus.

Mockingbird: codename: Recruitment of American Journalist for C.I.A. work.

Smiling Buddha: codename: for Pokhran-I,1974.The name chosen to indicate the ‘peaceful’nature of India’s nuclear ambitions.

…  and there is an endless list, explore for yourselves!






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