Saturday 13 April 2013


Portmanteau or blends.

Portmanteau word is a combination of two words. There are two meanings packed into one word. Writers and speakers exercise creativity and come up with words that convey a new concept.

In other words a blended word that satisfactorily defines a feeling or a phenomenon that a single word could not express!

Some portmanteau words:

Workaholic: From Work and Alcoholic.

Oxbridge: from Oxford and Cambridge.

Smog      :           Smoke and Fog.

Motel      :            Motor and Hotel.

Infomercial:         Information and Commercial.

Pixel        :            Pic and Element.

Chillax     :             Chill and Relax.

Clopen     :            Clopen.

Chortle     :             Chuckle and Snort. (Lewis Carroll coined these in

Slithy        :            Slimy and Lithe.        Alice in Wonderland)

Fantabulous:           Fantastic and Fabulous.

Flavourite   :           Flavor and Favorite.

Sony          :             Sonus(Latin for sound) and Sonny(Slang for youngster.)

Verizon      :            Veritaz(Latin for truth.) and Horizon.

Ginormous  :           Gigantic and Enormous.

Greenwash  :            Green and Whitewash.

Hamwich     :           Ham and Sandwich.

Jazzercise    :            Jazz and Exercise.

Kidult          :            Kid and Adult.

Linner         :             Lunch and Dinner.

Lupper         :             Lunch and Supper.

Brunch         :             Breakfast and Lunch.

Mechantronics:          Mechanical and Electronics.

Mizzle          :            Mist and Drizzle.

Shart             :            Shit and Fart.

Skort             :            Skirt and Short.

Snark             :            Snide and Remark.

Swapportunity:           Swap and Opportunity.

Toonie           :             Two and Loonie.

Bollywood     :             Bombay and Hollywood.

Dramedy         :             Drama and Comedy.

Reigulous        :            Religious and Ridiculous.

Sacrilicious       :            Sacrilege. and Delicious.

Spork               :              Spoon and Fork.

Streetball          :              Street and Basketball.

Clamanto          :              Clam and Tomato juice.

Advertisement   :             Advertisement and Entertainment.

Humongous         :             Huge and Monstrous.

Austerical           :            Austerity and Hysterical.

Chinenglish   :  From Chinese and English.

Hinglish         :            Hindi and English.




Geep                :  From Goat and Sheep.(Progeny of)

Taigon             :            Tiger and Lion. (Progeny of )

Zeedonk           :            Zebra and Donkey.(Progeny of )

Wallaroo         :             Wallaby and Kangaroo.(Progeny of)

Wholphin.        :             Whale and Dolphin.(Progeny of)



Calexico        :  From California and Mexico.

Benelux         :            Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


There are so many of these that have made their way into the English language. The blend of words that are formed by merging the  sounds  and meanings of two or more words sure is  interesting!



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