Monday 1 April 2013


Reading through the Sunday Times Of India I came upon this touching piece, in the Times Curator section that brings a weekly pick of stimulating ideas and opinions that have appeared in other media, online and offline.The caption is ‘Dying soldier calls for farewell to arms’

Tomas Young is one of the war’s casualties. He enlisted in the American military soon after the 9/11 attacks. On his 5th day of deployment in Iraq, he was shot in the spine. The paraplegic Young was the first to speak out against the Iraq war. Now Young is dying, as a result of medical complications from his war wounds. He has written his final letter to his Masters of war. “I write this letter, my last letter to you, Mr Bush and Mr.Cheney. I write this not because I think you grasp the terrible human and moral consequences of your lies, manipulations and thirst for wealth and power. I write this letter because, before my own death, I want to make it clear that I, and hundreds and thousands of my fellow veterans, along with millions of my fellow citizens, along with hundreds of millions more in Iraq and the Middle East, know fully who you are and what you have done. You may evade justice but in our eyes you are each guilty of egregious war crimes, of plunder and finally, of murder, including the murder of thousands of young Americans- my fellow veterans- whose future you stole. ”

I can’t agree more with his line of thought. The futility of  internal strife and  wars. It’s all  because of giant size ‘ego’ of man.Wars are nothing more than plunder,  murder, manipulations and thirst for wealth and power!

Wake up man!

Stop the mayhem!

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