Saturday 28 March 2020

“Mein Tenu Pher Milangi”
By Amrita Pritam
Translated into English by Dr Jasbir Kaur

“I will meet you again"
Where and how I don’t know
Perhaps I’ll become an inspiration for your imagination,
And will descend on your canvas.
Or I’ll be a mysterious line on your canvas,
Silently admiring  you.
I’ll meet you again
Where ?
I don’t know.
Perhaps I’ll be the flame of the sun
And melt into your colors
Or I’ll sit in the arms of the colors
And spread  across your canvas.
I don’t know how in which way, where?
But I’ll surely meet you.
Perhaps I’ll be a waterfall
And as the water sprays from the fountain
I’ll rub the droplets of water on your body
I’ll spread my balmy coolness
On your bosom.
I don’t know anything more
But I do know…
That whatever time might do,
It’ll walk with me in my present birth.
When the body perishes,
Then everything will finish.
But the threads of memories,
Are like ions of memory bits.
I’ll pick up those tiny memories,
Thread them,
Then I’ll meet you again.

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