Monday 25 July 2011


You have a bounty from your
Cucumber plants?
Wash one thoroughly
Taste it for bitterness
If sweet ,along with it’s skin
Liquidize it in a liquidiser
Drink it’s fresh juice!
And read the benefits you
will derive ….
It has 90% water hence it is
known to be a cooling agent .
It rids the body of extra fluids
and removes toxins and harmful
wastes from the body.
It contains Vitamin C,Folic acid,
Vitamin A,Magnesium and Potassium.
It’s hard skin contains fibres,silica…
assists in strengthening bones ,ligaments,
blood vesselsand tendons.
1 keeps body hyderated and cool.
2.treats high B.P.
3.treats acidity.
4.cures skin problem
5.promotes healthy hair growth.
7.prevents water retention.
8. helpful for diabeties
9.good for the eyes.
It helps in reducing swelling
around the eyes and also reduces
the dark circles under the eyes.
They are the most wonderful and
Natural eye pads,you can find .
After a long session with the
Computer they are welcome
Soothers to the eyes.
It contains natural salts and
Vitamins which are good for
cell growth ,its high mineral
content provide natural source
of anti oxidants.Because of its
water base it is very useful as
a diuretic.It has cleansing action
inside the body by removing old
waste.It assists in eliminating
uric acid.
It is essentially alkaline in nature
due to the minerals it contains.
Hence it is very effective in curing
Acidity by neutralising the pH content
of  the body .It is also a soothing agent
for gastric ulcers .
It contains potassium,Magnesium and
Traces of sodium that work effectively
For regulating B.P.both high and low.
Prevents water retention:It contains
 caffeic and ascorbic acids which prevent
 water retention .
On taking cucumber joints get cleaned .it
assists in inflamed conditions like asthama.
gout and arthritis  .
Helpful for Diabeties:It contains a hormone
That is required by the pancreas to produce
 more insulin and is thus an essential diet for
the diebetics.
It ‘s indeed cool!

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