Sunday 24 July 2011


Came across an interesting news item
In yesterdays Hindustan Times. about
much awaited Biometric pre paid
 taxi service operation system in Delhi.
This is in view of ensuring safety
of the airport passengers.
A specialised  software is used
to issue pre=paid slips. The new slip
contains details of the passenger,
his flight details,passport details
 in case of an international flier and
 details of the bay from which he
 would board the taxi.There are a
total of 41 bays at the I.G.I.airport .
About 3000 authorised taxi drivers
have been issued biometric cards.
All have them have been verified
By the Delhi Police And DIAL
Delhi International Airport Ltd.
All details of the driver and vehicle
Are stored in the card. The drivers
will have to first swap the card at
the entry point and then get their
identity verified using biometric
system  to enter the authorised
parking area at the airport.
A step in the right direction
I say!


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