Sunday 17 July 2011

OLD IS GOLD!!!!!!!!!!

Reading todays paper I came
 across this interesting piece by
 Renuka Narayan. She has given
a few random thoughts on getting
older to help us get perspective.
1.    Do not regret growing older
it is a privilege denied to many.
2.    Age is an issue of mind
over matter :if you don’t
mind,it doesn’t matter .said
Mark Twain.
3.    Nobody grows old merely
by living a number of years .
we grow old by deserting our
ideals .Years may wrinkle
the skin ,but to give up
enthusiasm wrinkles the
soul. Samuel Ullman.
4.    You are as young as
old as your doubt;as young
as your self-confidence,as
old as your fear ;as young
as your hope ,as old as
your despair.Douglas
Mac Arthur –famous general.
5.    Age does not diminish
the extreme disappointment
of having a scoop of icecream
fall from the cone.Jim Fiebig.
6.    To be 70 years young is
sometimes far more cheerful
and hopeful than to be 40
years old’.Oliver Wendell Holmes.
7.It’s sad to grow old but
nice to ripen .
Gorgeous Brigitte Bardot.
8.Growing old is inevitable.
Growing up is optional.
Interesting random thoughts.. .
I say however
one is as old as one feels !
I for one feel young when alone
And amonst youngsters feel old
Theory of relativity …anyone?!


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