Friday 29 July 2011


Flipping through a tattered Magazine
 of the February 2011 India Today Women
 I came across an article on Mariane Pearl  .
The slain journalist Daniel Pearl’s wife has
 moved on ever since .Her poise and courage is
 an inspiration for many across the globe.She
 doesn’t believe in giving into violence…and
believes that she’d be playing to the terrorists
tune if she turned to thoughts like revenge for
the Al-Quida who in 2002 had the world sit up
and watch the news of 5 week long torture and
 eventual murder of her husband.The devastatedMariane was 5 months pregnant with their sonAdam now 8 years old .She doggedly refused to change to bitterness. Her compassion for humanityoverlooked all feelings of violence.
Her story reached the entire world .through her best selling memoir, A Mighty Heart :The Brave Life And Death Of My Husband Daniel Pearl.She said she  had written it to explain to her son that his father was no ordinary man .The book has been made into a feature film by the same name.
She is a journalist in her own right and writes a column in  ‘Glamour’ one of the largest selling  fashion magazine. The column Global Diaries documents the struggle of women particularly in the third world countries. She has published  the articles in a book called In Search Of Hope.The Global Diaries of Mariane Pearl...featuring
brave women around the globe.
She considers herself lucky for finding
companionship again in Martin –V.P.
of a Forest Management Company.
She may never forgive or forget what
life  offered her , but she learnt enough
positivity to bring her slowly but surely
back to life!
What a woman - indeed a ‘brave heart’!

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