Tuesday, 9 June 2020


Gogyokha style of poetry writing has been recently formalized in 1983.it was recognized and named by Enta Kusakabe.
She originated the idea in 1957,while studying at the Tokyo University of western Literature.
The form has root with in the Tanka,which also has 5 lines.Spearheaded by Kusakabe,a Gogyokha society was formed in 1994.In 2008,the first  American chapter of the Gogyoka Society was establishedin New York.
Five Rules of Gogyokha
1. A new form of short p[oem that is based on the ancient Japanese Tanka and Kayo.
2. It has Five lines in all.
3.Each line consists of one phrase…
4.it has no restraint on the number of words or syllables.
5. one can write on any subject.


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