Thursday 4 June 2020


On the eve of my sixty status
Bidding farewell to my golden decade
Each year has slipped into the other
Ever since  I’ve taken to my senses.
I’ve always wanted to be an awesome  healthy  centenarian!
But without getting old with all it’s baggage.
Here I am in my birth month once again
A senior citizen!
The words hit me hard.
Time to beware about slips and falls,
Retirement   and all.
Quickly I told myself Baah!
Let me enjoy the next phase
Reset myself on the enjoyment mode
Set  aside hatred, anger, regret  sad.
slow down and view everything from all angles
Front, rear, from the side,  down and under, up and yonder.
Put in all efforts to kindle the  lamp of childlike  curiosity !
…And Dwell on …
Every breath I breathe
Every step I walk,
Every syllable  I speak,
Every note  I sing,
Every sight I see
Every thought I think,
Every letter I write,
Every meal I cook,
Every prayer I pray,
Every day morning ablutions I do
Every wink I sleep,
Every move I dance,
…as  a gift of God
And enjoy the present!
To transform the sweet sixteen heart
Into a wonder full of sixty!

With my dream of a straight spine
I realize my constraint of time
I pledge no more lethargy and procrastinations
 And Smile away all my guiles!

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