Friday 26 June 2020

Obsessive Fears!


Life itself is an obsession with me.

I forget, death will not come in my lifetime,

And yet I die so many times over.

Wasting my precious life

Reading … books on Lessons of Life,

Watching …lessons of life by some Guru,

Listening…to the real life experiences of friends,

All with a view to “righting their wrongs”

In the mêlée, I’ve lost the flavor of life!

I’m on tether hooks

When it comes to my dear ones…

The phone call not received on time,

I chew my nails off!

A dear one not reaching on time,

I’m done!

No sound from the bathroom

I’m doomed!

To compose my jangled nerves

I deep breathe.

Not for me to take joys and sorrows in my stride.

Scared of God

Pray to Him with all my might

Just to please Him.

God above beamed

To me  said He

“I blessed you with life,

And you’re obsessed with it”,

"Snap out of it,

Let go

The leech like obsession

For the uncertainty of life!"


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