Thursday 18 June 2020


Memories are such good cushions to relax on!
Every present well spent,  is a basis for sweet ones!
People dream and make big
 I,  for one dig  my  memories .
Good or bad I indulge in them and why not?
I’m flooded with childhood memories, teenage memories ,
 youth memories, middle age memories: ludicrous, happy, melancholic.
So many summers have gone by,
So many latent memories in me,
Spring roots as soon as a person
Just opens up a conversation
 My mind’s screen springs alive with connected memories.
I must say I have a way with them.
I latch on with them
Much to the chagrin of the unsuspecting person.
He could be talking about an accident,an earthquake,floods,
Cuisine,Eateries, soirees,fashion shows,movies,music concerts, plays, theatre,
Or games in the Stadia
You name it
And I have it.
Views on politics, religion, health, any anecdote or emotions
Mummy’s love ,Daddy’s pride, sibling stories, friends and foes,
Spouse, kids, in-laws and relatives
You name it
I have it!
Travelogue ?   well  the other day
Someone returned from the Alps,
Enthusiastically describing to us the  snow covered peaks
Guess? Yes! I latched on and my memories came cascading out
My walk on the great Athabasca Glacier in the Canadian Rockies  ,
The snow coach, the skywalk , the jasper snow field,
Banff  Rocky Mountain Resort where we stayed for a week
Dousing him,  drowning him with every detailed account.
Not meaning to, but stealing his thunder!

Many a times
I do meet my match
Who loves to latch
Onto my present with his memories.
Good Grief!
Is all that I can think
I shut my mouth
And close my mind.
Roll my eyes heavenwards!
Willing him Stop!
Making a silent promise
In future will be more careful
of latching onto memories!

Such memories certainly are short lived,
with me!

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